SMS Call Forward / Divert

This tool is about controlling several functions from your phone through a remote manner (SMS text messages sent to your phone).
It is very useful when you drive 1 hour through intense traffic to go to your workplace and realize that you forgot your phone at home.

We thought that there should be an app that will allow you to enable Calls and SMS forwarding to other phone (for example, the one from the office) by sending a SMS text message containing different commands to your phone.

What does it do?

  • Divert all calls (if carrier allows to, based on a string provided) and SMS to the phone number provided via SMS;
  • Can customize redirection string (prefix and suffix) to make the application suitable for you carrier;
  • Uses a password to enable / disable divert via SMS. For disabling divert send the password;
  • Receive notification via SMS regarding the divert request;

Note: The default settings for redirection are mainly for Europe carriers.

We are not responsible for any cost involved in any SMS and Call forwarding.

The carrier may imply different charges based on the number you divert to (different carrier, roaming etc).

To disable the forward just send “pass” or your custom password in a SMS.

Check if the Prefix and Suffix values are correct for your network carrier
(usually to forward all your calls you will have to dial “*21PhoneNumber#”).
In other networks the Prefix may be different.

Check the forward conditions (SMS/Calls) and correct them if needed.

You’re good to go!
If you forget your phone at home just send a SMS from another phone to your phone with the password, command and the new number. e.g. “pass all number” – where:
– “pass” is the password;
– “all” represents the command (forward calls and SMS);
– “number” represents the phone number you want to redirect to;

How does it work?

If you want to stop the forwarding just send a SMS containing only the password from the other phone to your phone.

SMS remote commands:

  • “pass help” – will send a SMS with all commands available;
  • “pass all 01234567” – will forward all SMS and calls to the 01234567 phone number;
  • “pass calls 01234567” – will forward all calls to the 01234567 phone number;
  • “pass sms 01234567” – will forward all SMS to the 01234567 phone number;
  • “pass get mother” – will send all contacts similar to “mother” (e.g. Mother, MOTHer, Mother New Phone etc) to the phone that sent the command;
  • “pass gps” – will send the GPS status;
  • “pass getlocation” – will retrieve the last location of the device;
  • “pass beep” – will trigger a notification sound with current notification ringtone (useful in case you lost your phone in the house);
  • “pass mobile” – will get the current internet mobile connection status;
  • “pass mobile on” – will turn on the mobile internet connection
  • “pass mobile off” – will turn off the mobile internet connection
  • “pass wifi” – will get the current wireless connection status and the wireless active connection name;
  • “pass wifi on” – will turn on the wireless connection
  • “pass wifi off” – will turn off the wireless connection
  • “pass battery” – will return the current status of the phone’s battery and if it is charging or not;

4 thoughts on “SMS Call Forward / Divert

  1. Hi. I love this app ( SMS call forward / divert ) cause I have several cellphones. Last version was 1.6 and it´s not available on Play Store anymore. Can I get an updated version from you ??? Thanks.

    1. Hi Will,

      We are working to completely revamp the app and add a lot more features, integrating with e-mail to receive SMS / call logs etc. and send commands via the same channel.
      Also planning to add some location / battery level / WiFi change event based action triggers.

      We will let you know once this is available.

      Thank you!

    1. Hi Cara,

      You can forward only SMS, only Calls or both. Also you can do this from the device itself manually, or remotely by sending SMS text messages to the phone where the app is installed.

      1. From the device itself – go to settings, last 2 options, check only the “Redirect SMS” option and uncheck the “Redirect Calls” option.

      2. Remotely, send a SMS text message from the other phone to the phone where the app is installed with the text “[password] sms [123456]” to forward only SMS messages.
      Similar syntax can be used to forward just the calls by replacing “sms” with “calls” in the above sample text message.
      To forward both replace “sms” or “calls” with “all

      The [password] is the custom password value that you configured in the settings menu and [123456] stands for the phone number you want the SMS messages to be forwarded.

      Note that the forwarding of a SMS text message will be charged by your Carrier as per your contract.

      Thank you!

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